Wednesday, December 22, 2004

John F-n Kerry

I can't be beleave I am still getting these emails from wacky Kerry supporters.
I remember talking about this at lunch. One time I sent my senator an email and he sent a generic email out carboning everyone's address who emailed him about his Iraq war vote.

His wacky supporters are still sending out blank emails to this list and I get them. arrrg!!!!
You have to read this, he is a true nut. Sould I sign him up to a conservative web site??

Dear Senator Kerry and e-mail recipients,

I am writing to you and the list of folks who
had apparently contacted you regarding the Iraq War,
whether in favor or in opposition. At that time I
felt very strongly that our democracy itself was in
peril, and that Congress would perhaps give Bush the
unconstitutional power to wage war despite the outcries
from the American people. It was clear that you had
received overwhelming negative feedback on whether or
not to grant Bush war powers. And yet, as our representative
in the US Senate, you voted otherwise.

Now I write to you and your ("E" through "J") list,
because American democracy is once again on the line.
I assume these e-mail addresses were never intended
to be made public, and I apologize for the unsolicited
message. But this issue is important enough that we should
all be concerned, Senator Kerry included. Indeed, ignoring
the serious questions regarding the legitimacy of the 2004
election is nothing short of aiding tyranny.

While outright fraud in the 2004 election has yet to be
proven, there are by now so many known problems that
transpired before and after November 2nd, and on
Election Day itself, that anyone who cares about freedom
and democracy would demand further investigation. Your
early concession and subsequent silence raise serious
doubts about your commitment and sworn oath to uphold
the Constitution of the United States.

Senator Kerry, I am writing to alert you to the opportunity
you still have to take a stand against potential election
fraud. On January 6th, history will record your appeasement,
your acceptance of highly suspicious and anti-democratic
manipulations of vote counting, vote suppression, and voter
disenfranchisement. On the latter two issues, this will be
the second time you have acquiesced on these matters.

You still have time to put your constituents first, and allow
your image and reputation to follow, based upon your actions
in the fundamental pursuit of the truth. Of course it will not
be an easy stance to take, but as Dr. Martin Luther King said,
"there comes a time one must take a position that is neither safe,
nor politic, nor popular -- but one must take it simply because it
is right".

Please call on your colleagues to use their privileged positions
in the Senate and the House to challenge the electoral college
when the voting itself has not been verified and is perhaps not
verifiable. Please especially challenge the Ohio electors, where
a recount continues to drag up horrifying details of election fraud
and cover-up by a highly partisan elections office.

As for everyone else, I am happy to discuss this issue further off
the list, but please make the effort to

a)ignore the mainstream media's proclamation
that this election was smooth, fair, and decisive,

b)gather as much information as you can for yourself
about the potential of yet another stolen election
(,, for starters)

c)and finally, call on your representatives in Congress to
challenge the certification of the election on January 6th.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Lunch Topics12-21-04

Jeff said the following:
Loverboy was hot.
Loverboy was big.

I think he said that becauce he was a big fan of 80's music...hmm...

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I suggest that it won't be too long before we see other geospatial technology mergers and acquisitions take place in a stepwise progression that may eventually involve the major enterprise software companies. Who might that be? A merger between Intergraph and MapInfo makes sense to me. Intergraph has cash in the bank but has only a marginally profitable GIS division; MapInfo is making all the right moves to embed their technology in business intelligence solutions and had a great year financially. Would such a merger cause Oracle to gobble up that combination? It would if it represented a significant customer base that Oracle wants to acquire. And with a large cache of customers in the federal arena like Intergraph has, and a significant installed based in business GIS like MapInfo has, it is a scenario that could very easily make a big splash.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

MSNBC - Young men warned of laptop risk

Monday, December 06, 2004

Real Time Transportation Status/NYS Transportation Federation

Until ReugerRadar goes live, here are some links to get NY State travel info:
Real Time Transportation Status/NYS Transportation Federation
Winter Travel Advisory System

Rueger Radar Link

It takes a little bit to load. so be patient

Friday, December 03, 2004

watch employees playing ping pong


Eric A. & Dave G. set this up.